Annual Blog Post!

Obviously it’s been too long since my last blog post, as pointed out by a friend recently. I’m always active in the social media realm of things and have tried to separate business from pleasure but that’s not how things work in the realm of Real Estate. As a Realtor clients become friends and the opposite is also true, networking is everyday life and my hobbies always cross paths with my profession.

Much has happened in the past year. I had the honour of winning an MLS Silver Award, putting me at the top 20% of all Realtors in Canada’s third biggest Real Estate market. The year of 2015 has been no exception, the first half of the year flew by with such an intense seller’s market, I have never experienced so many multiple offers, houses going for 30, 40, 70, even 100k over asking. Being primarily a buyer’s agent the first few years of my career has taught me that in this market I will drop everything to be the first agent at a new listing. Many offers were written while I was in cycling spandex or covered in gym chalk. I’d like to think that an excellent Realtor will drop everything to represent their client. And I do.




Those that know me know I’m a seasoned traveller, in fact I may be happiest on a plane. I am currently updating my blog from a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, marking the 50th country I have been to. Duel citizenship as a German-Canadian, combined with University trips abroad and an insatiable need to explore have found me in some interesting parts of the world, to say the least – Mongolia, living in the UK, Easter Island.  I believe these experiences help me every day as a Realtor, I am comfortable with people from all walks of life and enjoy relating tough negotiations to my own experiences abroad. Most importantly I am ready for anything. Multiple offer at midnight? Piece of cake. Buried oil tank? Let’s have at ‘er.


It is absolute fact that a Realtor’s schedule is like none other, I always compare it to being a fireman/woman. We must work when it is hot. Drop everything and work when there is work to be done. I can work 8 weeks without a day off, so in turn I take trips to relax. And yes, my idea of relaxing is riding a giant animal around a field and whacking a ball with a stick. I have relief Realtors looking after my clients while I am abroad, but I have still been working – fielding two offers and getting a new listing ready while in Washington and Argentina. I like to be involved, I could not leave my business entirely, people hire me to deal with Christina Stack and her gap-toothed feminine diplomacy ;), and that’s what they will get. Even when I am in another hemisphere. I love to do it, and I won’t have it any other way.

It’s been a fantastic trip so far. The 24 hour flight back home is not exactly my favourite part of the journey, but I will be headed to listing appointments the morning after, as always, hitting the ground running.

I look forward to updating my blog in the future. I initially resisted combining business with pleasure, but that is the intimate nature of Real Estate and I welcome it.

Candid as always – till next time,