Less DIY Glitz, More Expert Upgrades…


I have MULTIPLE sets of buyers right now looking for the following:

Houses in Victoria 500-625k – over 1200 square feet, in SOLID condition?


I want to see the perimeter drains done in the past 15 years (that means I can see a plastic pipe where the old ceramic or cement drain tile has been replaced). Perimeter drains are the number one DEAL KILLER in this town. If you’re unsure please spend the $$ and have them scoped – the drain folks will take a look and tell you if they’ve collapsed and should be replaced. Buyers don’t want to pay for it. Period.

On the hunt for my buyers for looked after houses. The basement – no efflorescence! No water damage because…you guessed it, the perimeter drains have been well taken care of 🙂

Next – some form of heating system. Baseboard heating – not the most desirable. Buyers love gas furnaces, though many in Victoria are oil and haven’t been converted, that being said buyers LOVE to see heat pumps and gas fireplaces!!

So you splurged and put in a pretty kitchen but didn’t replace the single pane windows? THAT is why no one is buying your home. Because folks want to see the unsexy things like a good roof, newer vinyl windows, skookum building envelope.

With many of us obsessed with HGTV, everyone is now a DIY expert. This means that folks everywhere are doing TERRIBLE jobs moonlighting their renovation jobs. Guess what? No one wants to spend half a million dollars on your wonky updates. Pay the professionals to install your flooring.

Buyers would much rather spend the $$ on a house with good bones and upgraded systems with an old kitchen then a new glitzy new kitchen amidst bulldozer bait. I realize that spending the $$ on a new roof or windows is less gratifying then a new IKEA kitchen, but buyers are not fooled. And please! Don’t ever attempt to do your own drywalling! sigh….

So. You’ve upgraded the systems and the building structure is sound and solid, then, go fourth! Update your kitchens and baths, but please don’t over develop your house! No one cares that you have custom cabinetry and Miele appliances if your house is tiny and in an up and coming neighbourhood. Period. Houses with tastefully neutral upgraded kitchens and baths not only sell for more, they always sell quicker.

Regarding the exterior of the house…people in this town never, ever prune their trees. It is a pet peeve of mine as a Realtor. As a home owner you are responsible for those trees! Spend the money, trim your hedges neat and tidy and make sure there are no trees with branches hanging over your roof – this leads to problems with full eavestroughs as well as squirrels and rats jumping onto your roof, making way to your attic and setting up shop. Prune. Your. TREES!

Do you know of someone thinking of selling their haus in Victoria? Spread the word – I’ve got 4 qualified buyers ready to BUY! and those are the things we’re looking for. SOLID HAUSES! Less glitzy kitchen and bath renos, more insulation, upgraded wiring, plumbing, etc…….