Lest We Forget

Remember Remember, the 11th of November.

Rememberance day is a day of reflecting, commemorating and recalling stories of those that have served for us. Both my mother and father had lives changed by war, having grown up during and post WW2 Germany. My father now shares his story of the war, and his time serving as a peacekeeper and PPCLI airborne soldier for the Canadian military with us in his later years. They are stories that must be passed down so that I can share with the next generation as well. It is a testament to altruism  and benevolence that Dad Stack was born into war, experiencing the horrors of battle to come to Canada and perform selfless duty for those during the Cyprus dispute and Cold War.

We lost many members of our family through war through serving, bomb raids, holocaust and POW tragedies.

Many  in the generations before have passed down tales of selfless heroic acts, listing and reliving accounts of battle, strife and struggle. Most of all the stories compiled have a common theme, standing up for those who can’t protect themselves. Every war narrative passed down seems to revolve around the heralding of the the dark horse. Courageous and brave, our stories are of men and women standing up for the underdog, with many long shot fables of resilience and strength. Looking out for your neighbour and sharing knowledge and humour in a time of darkness.

My family is said to have had great Teutonic warrior women in our lineage. Women that fought with swords in battle. We took the helpless under our wings, women of blazing, relentless protection. I feel that strength passed down as a result of remembering, and I honour it. It is not diluted through generations. We are women that are fearless and resolute and I owe it to the sharing of our stories. The accounts passed down to me will one day be folklore and legend, and I encourage others to talk and recall those lessons and events. The sensibility and impression is not lost if we choose not to forget.