Mein Auto Ist Mein Büro (My Car is My Office)

I spend most of the day driving. Or typing and getting angry at my scanner. Truth.

I love to drive manual shift and I can’t imagine a day without it. I learned how to drive standard in a jeep on the logging roads of Jordan River when I was 13 or 14, then taught myself how to drive an automatic a bit later with the help of my girlfriends in high school.

Growing up in Metchosin it was important to get your licence, back then the pubic bus didn’t even come out there on a Sunday! Driving was key if you wanted any form of social life.

Here’s a pic of one of my favourites, a Nissan (pronounced Niss-ahn in Australia) Urvan. Pop up top, full mattress, reliable, cute and fun! The brakes did not exist and we ended up selling it to some Irish dentists for more than we paid for it. Great van.



I’ve owned many vehicles in my travels. I always end up driving a Blue car – they pick me for some reason. I lived in the UK for a couple of years, way out in the rural fields of Shropshire. I bought a tiny 1982 Caribbean Blue Ford Fiesta off of a cute old lady that had only used it for shopping trips to town, there was less than 5000 miles on it and in pristine condition having been garage kept. It was a 4 speed! and had a shortwave/longwave radio! And I loved it.


HYTS autуs galйria -


One of my favourite ‘drive forever’ vehicles was a black 1987 Toyota 4Runner. It was a standard, high off the ground and shaky suspension. I practiced driving it around in the Hillside Mall parking lot, it could go anywhere! It was fun to drive something with manual stick shift – I’ve been hooked ever since.

My current vehicle is an Audi A3 SLine 2.0 – very much the engine of a GTI but with lots of luxe extras. I love driving it everyday! It’s a 6 speed and is small enough to really zip around. I love a hatchback. So practical!



Recently my car was kaput and I found myself lurking around the German car showrooms of Victoria (seriously, that’s where you’ll find me on a Sunday afternoon). In empathizing with my clients that have to compromise in Real Estate, I’m faced with a dilemma when looking for a new car.

Audi no longer makes my car! No hatchback A3. Wagons are big sellers here in the Pacific Northwest, just not the rest of North America. Yes, there is the all-road A4, it doesn’t come in a standard. BMW makes a nice wagon but it’s also an automatic. You see, the car I want doesn’t exist, and in the years to come when I get a new car for work I too will be forced to compromise.




Driving around clients is fun! My clients know that I’ve got terrible taste in music, that I will require some navigation help, that my 2007 car has a tape deck! and that I like to drive a bit fast and usually in too high a gear…but as the cliche goes, it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. I love my job of moving people from A to B, and enjoy finding people their new home.

The next car will probably be a sedan, but has to be a manual. That will be my compromise. Much like when shopping for a home. Remember what is most important – location, outdoor space, perfect kitchen, something’s gotta give. Be flexible. Compromise! The word of the day.

Candid as Always,