Sticker Books & Time Capsules

From a young age I remember being mesmerized by lady Realtors, my parents always building, flipping, and ‘moving haus’.

Today I was going through my childhood stickerbook and I came across these cards from Lady Realtors I had saved as a kid (I was 8 years old).


Growing up in the wilds of Metchosin I was fascinated with business women, working with the ol’ boys, here in the ‘big’ city of Victoria. I was obviously a strange kid that would go the extra mile of collecting Realtor cards….

I remember colouring on the local Real Estate weekly newspaper while my parents renovated a property. My Dad would take the drawings and seal them in the walls, drywalling over them to create a time capsule. There are so many houses in Sooke and Saanich with my artwork sealed inside!

Over the years I’ve renovated many homes and stores myself and have come across many cool things entombed in the walls. Tools, rats (not so cool), newspapers, books, toys, various relics and rubbish. Finding a newspaper really is the best, it really captures the zeitgeist of the house when it was last being opened up.


Doing renovations on this current house I came across something hilarious. A large collection of 8-9 vintage…. well, adult magazines. They are from the early 80s and the person who left them in the walls clearly had a good sense of humour. In case you are wondering, I promptly disposed of the magazines in the garbage, then retrieved them 20 minutes later…

I love finding pieces of the past in old houses that connect us to another decade, another time. I know I’ll be leaving a little time capsule for the next owner.

Candid as always,